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Max Quest - Betsoft

In Max Quest: Wrath of Ra you get the chance to submerge yourself with up to five others in console-style lobbies. You can also co-operate or play individually to bring down the hulking God Event bosses and flaming Reborn Mummies. These enemies randomly rise from the dust and offer huge cash prizes or collectible treasures.

Along the way you can choose your character, select an avatar and even start choosing your weapons and looting stuff. If you’ve ever played asymmetrical 3D-games such as the Diablo series, you’ll feel right at home.

The game has an array of extra features. Unearth extensive social features, use Loot boxes, enjoy the XP-driven player progression, achievements, avatar customization and a leaderboard prize pool.

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra can’t be explained in text, as it’s in a completely different ball park; what other slot gives you the freedom to choose between a Plasma Gun, Laser, Chain Gun, Grenade and Shotgun?

To utilise your weapons you’ll naturally need bullets, which are, in the old slot machine terms, your coins. You use your bullets to shoot varying enemies, from odd-looking beatles to mummies and ancient warriors. You might even stumble upon a burning mummy which can grant you 100 times your bullet’s worth of money, or even ancient gods that could very well reward your faith with plenty of prizes.