Can you break the Bank Vault?

Win higher and higher prizes from the Bank Vault, with the aim of emptying it completely by hitting the Jackpot!

 We have now introduced a great new feature to Mobil6000, called the Bank Vault. As you play any of the games at Mobil6000 you will gain points that fill up your power bar.

Each time the power bar reaches 100%, you complete a level.

This allows you to visit our sacred Bank Vault where you are guaranteed a prize every time, with a possible jackpot of €100,000 on offer if you break the vault!

Casino Characters

Your journey begins as "The Apprentice". As you complete more and more levels, new casino characters will be unlocked, each of which has improved skills to open the Bank Vault.

Visit the Bank Vault

Each time you visit the Bank Vault you will walk away with a prize. It could be Free Spins, Cash Money, or the Jackpot!

Empty the Bank Vault

With a Jackpot of 100,000 Euros, will you be opening the Bank Vault today?